Michael Rinck … PhD on “Document DNA: Distributed Content-Centered Provenance Data Tracking”
Su-Ping (Carole) Chang … PhD on “Memory aids for people with Traumatic Brain Injury”
Nic Vanderschantz … PhD on “Improving children’s knowledge using Digital Documents”
Emmanuel Turner … PhD on “Adaptive User Interfaces for the Semantic Web”
Jenny Ren … Master’s on “User-guided Disambiguation for Semantic-enriched Search”

Completed PhD Theses

Dr Mumraiz Khan Kasi … Semantic In-Network Complex Event Processing for an Energy Efficient Wireless Sensor Network
Dr Andrea Schweer … Augmenting Autobiographical Memory: An Approach Based on Cognitive Psychology
Dr Doris Jung … Specifying Single-user and Collaborative Profiles for Alerting Systems
Dr Sven Bittner … General Boolean Expressions in Publish-Subscribe Systems
Dr Bryan Genet … Is Semantic Query Optimization Worthwhile?

Completed Master’s Theses

Amay Dieghe … Human-centred workplace: Re-finding physical document in an office workplace
Hayat Alqurashi … Collaborative and Social Interaction within Groups of Patrons in Academic and Public Libraries: Implications for Digital Libraries
Saad Alzahrani … Co-browsing the Greenstone digital library collection
Mohammed Alanazi … Keeping track of electronic reading material
Sanhong (Casey) Peng … A location-based audio book reader
Chao Zhao … Anonymous Mobile Service Collaboration
Appu Jose … Evolution of documents – Information and Data objects
Hasan Alyamani … CatchIt: Capturing Cues of Bookmarked Moment to Feed Digital Parrot
Muteeb Saad Alahmari … Personal Semantic Timeframe
Su-Ping (Carole) Chang … Questions And Answers: Exploring Mobile User Needs
Jehan Alallah … Capturing Situational Context in an Augmented Memory System
Ping Ju Hsieh … Administration Service for the Tourist Information System (TIP)
Yi Andy Wang … Design and Evaluation of a Mobile Photo Gallery in TIP
Xiaotie Huang … Development of a map service
Xin Gao … A Service for Audio Icon and Audio Books in the Mobile Tourist Information System (TIP) via the Greenstone Digital Library
Jingyu Jenny Chen … Design, Implementation and Evaluation of a Mobile Exhibition Guide
Saijai Junmanee … Design, implementation and evaluation of advanced recommendation models in the mobile tourist information system TIP
Quan Qiu … Trust-based Recommendations in a Mobile Tourist Information System

Completed Master’s Theses (overseas)

Yann Michel … Location-Aware Caching in Mobile Environments (TIP)