Snap Dragon

Snap Dragon is a framework for mobile apps that crowdsource location-based data and citizen science data. The focus is on apps that allow very quick capturing of data, that is, with very few clicks users can upload their observations.

A web-based back-end gives quick overview of the collected data across the community. Snap Dragon is currently being developed as a web-based software suite to allow non-technical users to create their own data collection apps.

Snap Dragon in Research and Community projects

The Snap Dragon framework has been used for development of the following apps:

Catch a Carp:
Typical location-based apps provide data to their users – for Catch a Carp we have reversed this process, making users the providers of data. As a typical citizen science app, Koi carp data from community users is collected to inform decision making about this pest in the Waikato water ways.

For detailed information, visit the Catch-a-Carp project page.

What’s in ya trap:
This location-based app helps catching pests to make New Zealand predator free! The app has been developed for the Forest Bridge Trust. They run workshops with land owners and introduce them to various types of traps and show how to use them safely. This app helps reporting the catches from the traps back to the trust.

For detailed information, visit the What’s in ya trap project page.